Australia .....

Most years we have genealogists join us from Australia. (They feel at home as Jan is an Aussie!! Though she has lived in NZ since 1963)
Videos of the seminars and all paper work etc are sent to them
Communication is by email and web sites too

USA ......

If you are a Kiwi or an Aussie living in the USA, this is a wonderful way to research in Salt Lake City!
You will be with genealogists who THINK like you!!! You make your own way to SLC, but Jan will arrange your accommodation, your pre tour research and you will be with the Tour whilst there. If you are not a Kiwi or Aussie, but have British Research and you would like to join us in the Library - then this is fine too. And, of course, all are welcome to come to the UK too.

Salt Lake City ......

This especially for those who work (or research) at the Library on the British floor! Many would love a trip to London, but not on their own!

Here is a chance to come with Aussies and Kiwis (learn how they think!) and be escorted on visits to the main repositories.

Pre tour preparation for your personal research is not usually included, so you would need to know what you want to look for, but would like help and companionship whilst there.

You would arrange your own air fare, but Jan would organise your accommodation and you would be included in some pre tour preparation for visiting the repositories.
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