Then free to go on your own Genealogical Jaunts!  

You may stay longer and explore your ancestral paths around the UK or Europe. The choice is yours.

Jan will have already given you guidance as to how to choose where to go & for how long - that is if you want to do further research or 'tread ancestral paths'.

You may wish to visit friends or relatives or take the NGS (see below!) where they wish to go!!! We can make your bookings when you visit your 'ancestral abodes'. And help with a research plan.

If you wish to stopover during your return to NZ or make additional travel arrangements, just contact Jan for suggestions & costs. The sooner you plan your return journey, the better the chance of being on the flights of your choice.


Just something we have to accept! However, if they are 'hooked on computers' they will have a wonderful time! They may 'download' for you or search Indexes on FamilySearch. There are fabulous computer stores in SLC. Not computer literate? Many interesting places to visit (even a day trip to a gambling place!!). Buses & Trax (train) in the central city are free & there are lots of places to visit within walking distance.

Here’s a hint! It could be best to have your NGS join you in England.

As always with our tours, you are free to participate as you wish. So, if you, or your NGS, do not wish to visit repositories - that is fine.  If you want a day, or morning, in bed. That is just fine.  Feel like an early night, and no evening research in SLC - that’s OK. Need an afternoon Nanna nap? Jan might just be having one too!!

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