Jan covers visits to repositories in the Pre-Tour seminars.

Then she is with you to take the bewilderment out of PRONI (wonderful new building), RGO, Linen Hall Library, National Archives, National Library etc etc in Dublin and Belfast.

Accommodation is usually in B&Bs carefully chosen to be close to transport and food!!
Generally we visit Ireland and Scotland in alternate years – around 10 days in each country.

We usually travel from Dublin to Belfast by train.

We have five nights in Dublin and five nights in Belfast. We try to have a weekend for sightseeing, visiting ancestral sites etc. 

PRONI would be the top 'National Archive' type repository to actually FIND information!! We can spend three or four days there!

You can, of course, remain in Scotland or Ireland or England after the tour concludes & visit your ancestral places and further your research.

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