Why is this place so special? Just something about it, and I guess it has always been so - otherwise why did so many ancestors go there to live???

As with all of our Tour, you are free to chose to participate in what is planned or not - your choice.
If this is your first visit to London, you may wish to do some 'touristy' things when we are visiting a repository. That's fine.

Even so, it is still nice to be with a group. It's amazing how often we spot our Hooked on Genealogy bags on the tube!!

You will have a ten days-one-section London Travel Pass to use as you wish. Or maybe an Oyster card - either way your travel around London is included in the Tour.

Jan will have arranged lectures where appropriate and will escort you to the repositories - no need to arrive feeling bewildered.  There is usually time to go back and revisit the repositories of your choice.

We usually try to go to a ‘show’ whilst we are there.

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