Salt Lake City

Around 21 nights in Salt Lake City - home of the world's largest Genealogy Library

We stay next door to the Library

Plenty of time to 'nest-el' in and make the hotel our home!!

Lectures by FH Library staff on topics relevant to the
    Tour members

Jan on call - almost - 24 hours a day!

Shopping & Sight-seeing Expert Jan will take you on
 a full day Tour                           

Researching in Salt Lake City
is Genealogy Heaven!!!! 

Just a dream come true! Three weeks in Aladdin's cave!

Multiple choices - be using a fiche reader & film reader
   & computer at the same time - and reading a book!!
Research as long as you like!!  Well.... 218 hours!!

Don’t have to make a booking!!!
5 films/books at a time!!!!
Fast on line computers.  And plenty of them!!
Use your own computer
Printing for 5c page

And the books - wow!!  Scan from fiche, film, books
Just mind boggling!

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