Pre tour seminars will prepare you for this 'experience of a life time' so: you obtain the maximum benefit
you are prepared prior to departure
you are familiar with the repositories

Seminars will be by video and/or in-person - depending on where tour members live.

For those who cannot attend in Auckland, each seminar is videoed or recorded & the CDs & all course literature is sent to you. Newsletters, helpful forms, brochures, leaflets etc are included. Jan even aims to help you organise your research - a great benefit - before you leave, whilst you are there, & when you return.

Are you just beginning your Family History research? You will be guided through the early stages, so that you are sure to gain from your time in the Library.

The pre-tour preparation is equivalent to taking night classes; attending numerous personal 'clinics'; listening to at least six lectures on specialised topics; attending travel seminars; plus lots more!

Jan has designed special forms to help her to help you - so that your pre tour preparation time will be most effective & you know what you COULD/SHOULD do before you leave. You will receive guidance on using the internet - you may even find some new relatives to visit whilst we are away!

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