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What does the Tour usually cost? We cannot cost the Tour until we have an idea how many people are interested in coming and are able to book accommodation and air fares etc. This is why we ask for a $50 'claim a place' deposit. This deposit is refundable if you find you are unable to come, prior to starting the Pre Tour preparation. Once we have set a price, then we ask for $550 deposit ($500 if you have already paid the $50). If you attend any seminar, or have seminar information posted to you, and then find you are unable to come on the Tour, there may be a charge of $50 per seminar, which will be deducted from the deposit. To give you an idea - recent Tours have been around $12000. We are always working towards the best possible price! And best possible ‘perks’. Do check what is included in the Tour Price.

Where and when are the Seminars held? Seminars are held in Auckland, usually at Jan's home, usually Sunday afternoon 1pm for 1.15 start. Suggested dates for 2012 Tour are 26 Feb, 25 March, 22 April. Guidelines for beginning your Preparation are given once your $50 'claim a place' deposit has been received.

What happens if I can't attend a seminar? Seminars are videoed and these are sent to you and all the seminar notes, handouts, presentations etc

I have been on other Tours and it is all go!! Up early, out sightseeing, something on every night - and eat! Each meal is a real highlight! I don't think I could stand this pace for 6 weeks! You don't have to! You make your own pace. Especially in SLC - Library opens at 8.00am (closes 9pm), but you can arrive (and leave) just whenever you wish. It is wonderful at night - usually just HOG Tour people there! But if that is not for you - no one will mind. Jan will let you know if there is something you need to attend, so that you will not need extra help when we are together as a group, as that would not be fair to the rest of the Tour party. In other words, you are treated as an adult, able to make your own decisions, but Jan will give guidance if this is necessary. As for eating!!?? Well, no unnecessary expense here! We shop in local supermarkets where ever we are! Self catering in London is a great money saver. But, if you wish to eat out for breakfast, lunch and dinner - that is your choice. In SLC, we have passes for the Staff Cafeteria - good and very reasonably priced.

I don't know if I will have time to be prepared. Is it worth going if I am not? Once you ask for a Tour Information Pack you will receive some tips on starting your preparation. Good things you should be doing anyway, even if not planning for this wonderful trip! Jan will check that you have all the information that is available in New Zealand or Australia before you leave. Then, it really does not matter if you have not been able to do much preparation - there is so much you can do there. And remember, Jan will guide you and help. You are her first priority! Apart from checking on the lectures, the sightseeing etc, Jan will be there for you to ask for help and guidance. Good preparation means that St Serendipity can be on duty for you! You will be ready for any good luck that comes along. But, there is tons of opportunity for good luck all the time. Some things you should not try to do before we go - as it is so much easier there! Don't order any films. Do key in all you know in your genealogy computer program so that you have all that information easily to hand. Jan has special sheets - so you can make progress even if just starting at the Family History Library.

What clothes will I need to bring? Do I have to 'dress up' in SLC? We should just need summer clothes. Although you often need a light jacket in the Library as the temperature can be quite cool. You do not have to dress up, just be tidy. It is nice to have something dressy as we will go out to dinner!

What is the accommodation like? Very good in SLC. Right next door to the FHL (if you were good, you could spit on the Library!!! - but we do NOT suggest you try!). Nice sized twin rooms, with tea or coffee making facilities and a fridge, TV, phone. Everyone looks after us! We make trips to the supermarket as required for our food etc. In London we are right in the City of London. Self catering and self service (make your own bed etc!). Rooms are small, but adequate. Everything you need down to a dish washer! Supermarket near by. Phone, TV. Bus stop outside, tube close by. In Edinburgh we will be in a B&B or have an apartment - depends on our numbers. But lots of eating places around.

We will have free access to the internet in all the accommodation.

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