The Tour

Depending on when we arrive in SLC, we could have a quick peep in the Library, if it is open. If possible we may visit the supermarket. Or we may just go to bed!!

On our first ‘working’ day, Jan will speak to you at THE LIBRARY! She will explain the layout of the British floor in good Kiwi language! She will suggest the first steps you should take, suitable to your research, when you walk through those elevator doors! We will just have a quiet day getting to know our way around the Library, getting a feel for researching there. We will start the orientation lectures by Library staff and have our first lunch in the Staff Cafeteria. There are 40+ computers on our British Floor (and on three other floors too), so lots of places to go to 'FamilySearch', to look at free Pay2View web sites, scan books, films, fiche etc etc - this is great. Jan has special forms to use to track your research.

On our first Sunday - Choir/supermarket/pep talk as appropriate. The Library closes 5pm on Mondays, so we may have dinner together those nights. We will be there for Memorial Day, so there could be something special. On our special Sunday, we will have our wonderful sightseeing & shopping tour - we visit the world famous Great Salt Lake, Copper Mine/ Outlet Malls/shopping malls. A very full, exciting, eventful day!

If there is a wish or need for extra optional shopping trips these can be arranged. There is an upmarket shopping mall close to our hotel & another a short trax ride away. There are many restaurants & food outlets nearby. We also make regular visits to a supermarket/ department store to purchase items if you wish. $US12 a day is all that is required for food.

We usually arrive in London early in the morning. Depending on how we feel, we will go to the supermarket and perhaps a repository! Over the next few days Jan will guide us through TNA Kew, Guildhall Library, London Metropolitan Archives, Society of Genealogists, British Library, First Avenue House, Bishopsgate etc. You will be given a ten day-one section London travel pass or Oyster card.

Our accommodation in London is CENTRAL (saves on travel time & tube fares!). Rooms are small but nicely furnished, fully self contained (even to dishwasher) but not serviced. You will have to make your own bed & take out your rubbish! Great to get your own meals for a change! Suggested 12 per day for food. Two handy food stores nearby.

There will be some free time (& Sunday is free) so that you may visit friends or relatives, your special family places or do 'touristy' things during this time. There is usually a day to go-back to a repository of your choice also.

We will travel to Edinburgh by train. A wonderful journey and much more relaxed than flying! We might leave London on the Sunday afternoon so that we have a full week research in Edinburgh - because it is pretty special! We will also visit National Archives and Library, the Map Library. We travel to Glasgow by train to research in Mitchell Library. Our accommodation is Edinburgh will be either in our favourite B&B (they really spoil us!) or an apartment - depending on Tour numbers.

The Tour finishes 5 July in Edinburgh. A return flight from London to NZ will be booked for 12 Jul. Just a suggested date - you may leave sooner or much later - your choice!

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